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Daily habits are the building blocks of success. What are the three things that are going to get you closer to your goal? How can five minutes of planning each day manifest the success you desire in your life. My guest, ALoN David, of 90x Planners created one of my favorite daily planners I use in my business.

ALoN DaviD, founder and CEO of 90X®, arrived in America in 1995 without any business leads connections. He had no university network or promising internships to fall back on; he didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition, drive, and the dream to make something of his life. He knew in his heart that simply getting a degree wasn’t enough, so while going to school full time ALoN got a job working construction for $5.25 per hour. It certainly wasn’t his dream, but instead of waking up each day and complaining about his situation, ALoN set goals to keep him reaching for his dreams. Unfortunately, he quickly found that there weren’t any high quality goal planners or systems out there that worked for him and his needs. So, he decided to create his own system that could take a minimum wage job and turn it into an opportunity. ALoN decided to start a photography business from scratch, as he was inspired to further test his new goal system and see how successful he could be. Within a year, the photography side gig became a 6 figure business - and that was when ALoN knew that his goal system was something special. Thus, the 90X® Goal System was born! Looking to help others effectively set and achieve goals, ALoN put together the very first 90X® Goal Planner. Today, the 90X® Planner System is sold in over 100 countries around the world, and ALoN helps entrepreneurs everywhere achieve their highest goals! 

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