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Sarah grew up around hospitals and healthcare practices, born when her dad was a first-year medical student at Tufts Medical School. She remembers bringing her dolls to the break room at Sinai Hospital, where her dad was a resident, to get stitched up with real stitches.

After graduating from Boston University with a Marketing and Advertising degree, it was a natural partnership for Sarah to help her dad with those services in his practice.

For 15 years, Sarah has helped health providers increase their income and impact by using her passion for health with her drive to leverage time and teach others to do the same. Sarah is a Certified Online Curriculum Specialist and designs signature health programs for adult learners.

As the host of The Health of Your Business podcast, Sarah has interviewed the most prominent experts in functional and holistic health today.

Sarah lives on Boston's North Shore with her husband, Dan, and three children - Ella, Brody and Duke - where they live a plant-based lifestyle and take advantage of all New England has to offer.

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