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Dr. Amie Hornaman DCN, MsN, CFMP, a.k.a The Thyroid-Fixer, a woman on a mission to optimize thyroid patients around the world and give them their lives back using her transformational program: The COMPLETE Thyroid Fix Method (CTFM). After her own experience of insufferable symptoms, misdiagnoses and improper treatment, Amie set out to help others who she KNEW were going through the same set of frustrations and who were on the same medical roller coaster. She grabs your hand, gives you answers about your health that no one has told you and gives you the actual tools and treatment to fix you. That’s the transformational journey.

With a focus on optimizing thyroid function and thus optimizing her patients, Amie looks at each person as a unique individual and not JUST a lab value. She examines all factors that tie into thyroid dysfunction and thyroid symptoms and treats the person from top to bottom to give them their lives back.

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