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We all dreamed about living with our family in premiere spots of the world, right? Giving our kids the most enriched life we could possibly imagine.

If that’s you...I’m talking to someone today who is living that life right now!

Brandi Jordan is the founder of The Cradle Company where she’s been helping new families grow, adjust and find balance for almost two decades. After hearing an NPR segment on midwifery when she was 19 years old, Brandi cold-called a birth center in her hometown of Houston to ask if they could teach her how to help women through labor. She took a doula training course and found her calling. Now, over 20 years and thousands of babies later, Brandi is an internationally-recognized baby and parenting expert, doula, social worker, and life and business mentor and strategist. She has taken her twenty years of business knowledge and turned into a brand helping other entrepreneurs home their messaging, and leverage to attract high profile and high ticket clients. Over the past few years, Brandi has made headlines with high-profile clients like Mandy Moore, Rosamund Pike, Megan Fox and Julia Stiles who praise her approach, combining modern ideas and technology with age-old wisdom and protocols. Brandi’s goal is to help all moms regardless of profile and every client loves her most-used mantra: calm is contagious. Brandi holds a BA in Child Development and a Master’s of Social Work from USC and founded the National Association of Birth Workers of Color in 2018. She is founder of Inspire Lab a space where people get to dream big and uplevel their lives, careers, and bank accounts!

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