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Adrienne helps healthcare leaders and practice owners build top-tier organizations with empowered teams and optimized processes so they can decrease burnout and scale to serve more patients, while achieving their personal and professional goals!

She worked as a healthcare executive for over 20 years, including substantial time at Mayo Clinic and Duke Health, and spent most of her career helping turn-around organizations, driving integrations and building teams that worked together to improve the experience for the patients and entire organization. These turn-around efforts and the ones she now helps her clients with have generated over $250M in financial improvements and countless improvements in patient care and team experience.

She founded Optimize Healthcare so she and her team can help other practice leaders create the dream organization they deserve. Her signature Day Zero Blueprint™ program is transforming both the leaders and the organization as they shift the belief that as a leader they need to do it alone or sacrifice what is important to them. Adrienne incorporates her training as a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Lean/Six Sigma Expert to provide program participants and audiences with time-saving strategies and templates so they, as leaders, can lean into their authentic style, engage and empower their teams, and optimize the processes around them so they can do more and make more, with ease. She also loves spending time with her family and finding new adventures to continue to learn and stay challenged.

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